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For Mothers

You Can Help Your Struggling, "Turned Off" or "At-Risk (of failure)" Children Learn Math!

Use Stratford School Videos And The Math 2002' Program's E-Mail Teacher Response To Give Your "Turned Off" Children A Chance To Genuinely Learn Mathematics!

For help with college prep math guide your high school and homeschooled children with the "Math 2000' Students Helpful Guide To Understanding Mathematics" Program.

Help Your Children Find Out For Themselves That They Are Smarter Than Their Teachers make them Think They Are!

The Math 2000' Easy-To Learn high school mathematics program was originally designed and developed to help "turned off" and "at risk" children to:

1.  be able to learn the fundamentals of math well enough to be able to follow their regular high school math textbooks.

2. to show "struggling" students that they can understand mathematics the same as the smart students in their classes do.

We know that most "turned off" students are students who need to understand all the behind the scene workings of something before they are contented to use it.  These students need to know what algebra is before they use it.  They refuse to use algebra if they are not sure what it will do.  If they are shown how to solve some small problem how do they know it will work for another problem that they will want to solve.  The only way that they know this is when they are told "Algebra is the study of all the known methods of solving problems that have been discovered by man."  They feel confident when they have the background of what algebra is all about.  Once they know this they accept it and, then, look at their books from the view that "There are methods in the algebra book that I need to learn because I want to know the methods that man has discovered that I can use to solve problems that I run into in my life."  With the right view the student can be invigorated and inspired to want to learn on her/his own.  Once you have an inspired student you have a person who will be outward directed instead of inner directed and looking for trouble.  Of course, it is not easy to get all students to want to learn, but if a parent can help and succeed in inspiring a child even a little bit the rewards can be great for the child and the parent.

Our 10 Student's Mathematical Review, have been developed and written specifically to help students get descriptive background information on the topics that students struggle with a lot in their algebra classes.  They receive the underlying ideas behind topics like What is Algebra?, The Algebraic Laws, What is an Equation?, What is a Vector?, What is a Graph, and 5 other topics essential to understanding the basic ideas the encounter in their high school algebra classes.     

There is the perplexing problem that some children do not read well.  In order to help these children the parents need to read the material in the program and explain it to their children, or have a teacher or someone else read the text in the program and teach the material to the child.  The accompanying videos for this program can be of great value in helping students understand the details of the mathematical concepts in the program.  Students requiring assistance with problems in the program they don't understand can obtain help from the program's instructor via e-mail, or even over the telephone with the instructor's permission.

Learn At Home! Save $$ By Not Paying For Expensive Schooling!