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Need Extra Help?
Students requiring additional help with their algebra may enroll into the Instructor guided Algebra Tutor program


The ALGEBRA TUTOR program consists of 10 separate lessons, each consisting of :

1.  A Student Study Guide for each of the 10 learning topics in Algebra Tutor
2.  A 1-hour Instructor's Classroom Video Cassette for each lesson
3.  A Question Form to be answered by the student upon completion of the lesson and sent back to the Institute.
4.  Student Support Services  Upon completion of Lesson 1 the students interested in enrolling for and completing the course may answer the questions regarding the lesson and send it back to the Institute. Once enrolled students will receive a reply on their internet e-mail regarding how many questions she/he answered correctly and suggestions on the questions that were not answered correctly.  There will be no further contact with the student  unless the student wishes to formally enroll into the program by ordering Lesson 2.

COST OF THE COMPLETE Algebra Tutor Program

The cost of the complete program is $199.50, or $19.95 for each lesson.  Shipping and handling for each lesson is $3.50.  Student Email and instructor approved telephone assistance are included.


Lesson 1 is $19.95 + $3.50 shipping and handling.  Students who order the Lesson 1 material are under no obligation to order other lessons and may send the material back if they don't wish to for a refund within 30 days if they choose not to continue with the program.  Any interested person or student may request Lesson 1.  Interested students or persons click here to go the ORDER FORM


Upon satisfactory completion of free Lesson 1 interested students are eligible for Lesson 2.  

Lesson 2 consists of :

1.  A Student Study Guide of the learning topics for Lesson 2.
2.  1-hour Video Cassette for the lesson
3.  A Question Form to be answered by the student upon completion of the lesson and sent back to the Institute.
4.  Student Tutoring Support Service which includes instructor's e-mail comments to the student's Lesson 2 questions and, if approved by the Student Tutoring Support staff, tutoring guidance through instructor telephone assistance.  Your Instructor may be in contact with you several times with tutorial explanations of the topics you are having difficulty with.

Students interested in formally enrolling into the Algebra Tutor program may do so by completing Lesson 2 Answer Sheet and sending the program fee of $19.95 + $3.50 shipping and handling with the ORDER FORM


  Upon satisfactory completion of Lesson 2 students may order successively lessons 3 through 10 by completing the Order Forms accompanying previously completed lessons and sending in the $19.95 + 3.50 program fee and shipping and handling for each progressive lesson.  Upon receipt of the order form for Lesson 2 students will be sent the Lesson 3 material, instructor's classroom video and question sheets for the Algebra Tutor program.  The accompanying answer sheet is to be sent back to the Institute upon which, after  receipt of a completed Order Form and tuition fee of $19.95 + $3.50 shipping and handling, the student will be sent Lesson 4, and so on.  Upon satisfactory completion of this lesson the student can  order  the fifth lesson, and so on until after the 10th lesson when the student will be sent a certificate of completion for the program.